Women in STEM- inspiring the next generation

25 February 2021: DPA, NEEOPA and EEON joined forces for our premiere event of 2021.

Our three organisations are proud to collaborate together to bring our members a forum discussing women in STEM and how to tackle the prevailing barriers in creating more gender-equal industries.

In this virtual event, we present some of Australia’s thought leaders and doers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Our expert panel explored the following themes and provide practical strategies that can be used immediately in the workplace, or in entrepreneurial endeavours:

  • attraction and how to inspire the next generation and end under-representation.

  • how we reshape the stories we share about STEM to address enduring myths

  • rethinking attraction to grow our pipeline, rather than ‘rob’ one another for great talent.

  • why women leave STEM: the challenges of under-representation and covert discriminatory practices.

  • practical strategies to make schools, universities and workplaces ready and more inclusive.

The Panel:

Moderated by Ruth “Rocket Women” Harrison

  • Taylah Griffin - Flight Test Engineer, Boeing Australia

  • Angela Bee Chan - CEO Hackathons International

  • Madhu Bhaskaran - Professor and Electronics Engineer RMIT University

  • Keynote by Bronwyn Evans PhD, CEO of Engineers Australia.

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