Black lives matter

7 June 2021: Mundanara Bayles AFHEA MAICD joined us as our keynote speaker at our AGM. Mundanara is the Managing Director and co-founder of The Australian BlackCard Pty Ltd (BlackCard), which is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business certified with Supply Nation.

BlackCard is a specialist consultancy providing cultural capability training and consultancy services to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community.

Mundanara shared her journey with us, what the Black Lives Matter movement looks like in the Australian context, as well as her insights on how individuals and organisations can tackle racism.

Her message is loud and clear - it’s up to every individual to be curious and become educated about the true history of Australia.

Following are some simple actions we can all take today:

  • If you see racism, call it out, even if it means losing friends

  • Use your platform to amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (e.g. Check out and share the Black Magic Woman podcasts)

  • Check out Share our Pride for resources

  • Support the Raise the Age campaign

  • Support the Free Her campaign

A recording of this forum is available for members, please make a request at

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