Parental Leave Equality

Tuesday 9th April 2019

Join us to view the uniquely beautiful Aussie Dads photographic exhibition and hear a lively panel discussion, in which we will unravel the true value of parental leave equality.

Australia’s mainstream approach to Paid Parental Leave is not meeting the growing needs of Australian working families. In fact, progress has stalled according to WGEA. Parental leave requires urgent consideration by employers to ensure future parental leave and flexibility policies are gender-equal and family-friendly.

We will tackle those burning questions such as what do best practice parental leave policies look like? How can we implement a shared, gender-equal approach to parental leave? Why is it important to include Dads in the caring conversation? How can we foster workplace cultures that support and encourage men to take parental leave?

Facilitating the panel discussion will be Emma Walsh, Founder & CEO, Parents at Work as she interviews Deloitte and QBE on parental leave equality.

We encourage you to bring along a Dad from your organisation and ensure they have an opportunity to join this important conversation.

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