Gender Equality: How close are we really?

Why are we still talking about a gender pay gap?

With the recent news on achieving the lowest parity in 20 years, NEEOPA will revisit gender pay parity from three diverse perspectives.

Beginning with a presentation from each speaker, the 90 minutes will be rounded out with a Q&A session inviting participant interaction.

Reaching the magic zero - what's next?​

  • Achieving gender parity is a goal on many of our country’s top executives’ scorecards but what should a company do when they finally reach that goal? Last year Australia Post became the largest organisation in Australia to report gender parity for their 35,000 employees. How has Australia Post achieved this and what have they learnt in the last 12 months since reaching the magic zero? Jayne Ward, Head of Performance, Talent & Reward, Australia Post.​

What about the male perspective?​

  • We live in an era of improving gender equity and stand on the precipice of a future that is female. However whilst there has been substantive progress in empowering women in the workplace, we have not made equivalent progress for men. As more and more women step back into the workforce, are we really helping men to step out to take care of their families? Rob Sturrock, Senior Public Policy & Advocacy Manager, The Smith Family.​

A six-step process

  • WGEA will provide an overview on why gender pay equity matters and present a six-step process to help organisations address gender pay equity. WGEA will also share tips on actions organisations can take to address gender pay equity, including suggestions for conducting fair and equitable negotiations. Helen Karatasas, Education Delivery Manager, Workplace Gender Equality Agency.​

We encourage you to invite your male colleagues and remuneration specialists along to be part of a wide variety of conversations around gender pay parity.

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