Wrap up of 'Future of Work - a new narrative' Masterclass

What qualities do leaders of the future need to thrive? How can we support existing employees if they are one day displaced due to automation and contingent workers?

These are just some of the crucial questions tackled at NEEOPA’s masterclass, held earlier this month on the topic ‘The Future of Work’.

Two highly respected and experienced practitioners facilitated the workshop and provided participants with tools to challenge thinking about the nature of work changes in the future.

Katrina North, a director within EY’s Financial Services office, has been examining the impact of recent regulatory reforms for the industry. With demonstrated skills in leadership, strategy, change management, Board and C-suite stakeholder management, marketing, strategic and financial analysis, she recently led the EY D&I practice across Asia Pacific.

Carmel Court, interim Head of Marketing and Comminutions at EML, has extensive experience in strategy and marketing, navigating politically sensitive situations, collaborating with executive leadership teams and stakeholders, advising and leading strategic plans that transform organisations and develop enduring relationships.

The 90-minute masterclass was a valuable experience for those who attended. Participants sat in tables and workshopped ideas together using Design Thinking – a methodology for practical and creative problem solving, which includes techniques such as rapid ideation.

They were also given an opportunity to craft a new narrative for work, and explore how marketing teams can help change the message and bring impact to existing D&I work.

Then, using a case study, participants completed two activities based on the following challenges:

  • What leadership skills do we expect our leaders will need to deal with the anticipated future of work challenges? Leadership capabilities such as humility, communication and courage rated highly. There was also acknowledgement of how challenging it can be for leaders to shift to an inclusivity mindset, as they may have been rewarded for acting in a certain way for their entire career.

  • What populations do we need to think of in the future? What challenges will face our existing employees if they are displaced due to automation and increased contingent working?

Overall, the masterclass provided many valuable insights and tools through techniques from various fields, including neuroscience, design and marketing.

Participants were given lots of opportunity to interact, learn from each other and stretch their collective thinking on the narrative of D&I going into the future.

We look forward to the next NEEOPA forum on 23 October, exploring gender pay parity, and hope you can attend.

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