Customer Diversity and Inclusion

This NEEOPA presentation attracted a full house of guests all eager to learn more about the important impact of having a customer centric diversity focus can have upon a business / organisation.

In this session NEEOPA selected a panel of experts each sharing valuable insights into customer experience, marketing and customer data leveraging through the filter of diverse customers. It was a fascinating exploration into widening marketplaces and building inclusion not just within organisations but to whom these organisations provide their goods and service.

President of NEEOPA, Rowan Arndt, opened the event with a welcome to guests, introduction and an Acknowledgement of Country.

Forum moderators – William Taing from Deloitte & Jo Higgins from IAG welcomed guests.

Jo Higgins introduced the first speaker -

Juliet Bourke, Partner, Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte.

Jo began by promoting Juliet’s recent book, “Which 2 Heads are Better than 1?”.The presentation began with a reflective activity designed to get people thinking about customer diversity targeting by businesses. Juliet shared research from the recently released ground-breaking Australian research on customer diversity, “Missing out: The business case for diversity”, an Australian Human Rights publication which helps organisations see both the risks and significant opportunities of customer diversity.

Juliet mentioned that NPS is only a narrow view of customer satisfaction and may not measure true customer experience. Juliet spoke about AHRC complaints and that many of these centred around poor customer service and a lack of understanding of diversity groups by service organisations. She mentioned often people fell into the trap of believing 80/20 design (contented versus non-happy customers sufficed… but what about these 20% - and what if these people were from the most diverse customer groups – surely, they are entitled to better outcomes and a focus that was more inclusive?

So how do we adjust for this and then leverage for positive customer experiences? Juliet mentioned that it is Equality that sells in the 21st century and showed where businesses had understood this and succeeded accordingly.

In summary:

- Fairness and respect are important in the customer experience.

- Noticeable faith - issues around complaints twice as bad? Diverse groups. Twice as likely which equates to big dollars.

- Market opportunity not being serviced. Equality sells.

Heather Denman, Customer Inclusion Manager at IAG

Presentation: Customer Diversity and Inclusion at IAG

IAG strives at:

- Removing the barriers that stop our customer fully experiencing our products and services.

- IAG makes their customer’s world a safer place and provides word class customer experience.

Heather provided compelling examples of how IAG embeds this into their day to day customer interactions.

Matt Bizilis, President at Salesforce

Spoke about positioning customer diversity utilising good data.

Data about gender is contextual…. No one truth and customers are effectively “unionised” via social media – therefore they have a clearer voice and can choose a service and the way they wish to engage with it. This results in a better experience for customers, can increase business revenue and decrease risk.

Matt asks why don’t we engage with Customer Diversity more often?

(1) Make it is contextual.

(2) Makes sure it is personalised.

(3) Make it optional.

Discussion and Q&A followed these presentations.

Sonja Braidner - Diversity Coordinator at Fire & Rescue (NSW)

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