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Thank you to our member - Ashurst, for generously hosting this event. ​ This was an opportunity to reconnect as a community, reflect on our achievements, the journey ahead and our plans for 2020. ​ We were delighted to have as our principal speaker: Tracy McLeod Howe CEO, CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Service) & Co-founder, Childhood Domestic Violence Australia ​​ We also had a guest appearance from Juliet Bourke on behalf of our wonderful sponsor Deloitte.

Australia is diverse; our media should be too

Close your eyes and picture the typical TV news journalist. What do they look like? For most networks in Australia, the archetype leans towards Anglo-Australians, with most interviewed experts being older males. This is a far cry from Australian society where close to half the population were born overseas, or have overseas-born parents. If we are to better represent the many viewpoints and experiences of people who call this country home, we need more diversity in our media. This was the main message of our most recent forum, an interactive showcase on ‘Diversity in the Media’. Hosted by Deloitte, our series of roundtables featured the following prominent speakers: Antoinette Lattouf, Journ

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