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The New Asian-Australian Century forum wrap-up

Today, Australia’s relationship with Asia has never been stronger. Our workplaces are becoming more diverse; trade is constantly on the agenda; companies are grasping the business case for catering to customers from Asia. But there’s still more work to do, especially at the top. According to the AHRC’s recent Leading For Change report, currently, only 1.6% of Australian CEOs and 3.3% of Australian C-Suite executives have an Asian cultural background – an alarming statistic further heightened by the fact that 21% of Australia’s population is non-European. NEEOPA’s latest forum on the new Asian-Australian century could not have come at a better time. Julie Chai, CEO and founder of the Asian Le

Future of Work - a new narrative

Our 4th Sept NEEOPA forum will focus on Future of Work and will be a practical workshop, facilitated by Katrina North, Director within EY’s Financial Services Office. Robots. Contingent workers. Displaced roles. Augmented humans. Agile working. What is your response? How does this impact on the focus of D&I? Do you have or want a seat at the table in discussions on the future of work? Join this Masterclass to gain an edge in your thinking, knowledge and understanding of this topic. This forum will change the way you approach discussions on the future of work and provide you with tools, ideas and network of people who have also been through this masterclass. Focused on a case study, in 90 min

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